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The Cloisters thumbnail
The Cloisters eAudiobook
Katy Hays / Emily Tremaine

When Ann arrives in New York she is assigned to The Cloisters a gothic museum and garden renowned fo..

The Last Dance thumbnail
The Last Dance eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / David Threlfall

He's a detective a dancer he has no respect for authority - and he's the best hope Blackpool has for..

Unnatural History thumbnail
Unnatural History eAudiobook
Jonathan Kellerman / Jeff Harding

When a photographer is found inside an LA warehouse slumped in bed shot to death it sets in motion a..

The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels thumbnail
The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels eAudiobook
Janice Hallett / Sid Sager Kristin Atherton Annie Aldington Gareth Armstrong Nneka Okoye

Everyone knows the sad story of the Alperton Angels: the cult who brainwashed a teenage girl and con..

A Toot Hansell Christmas Cracker thumbnail
A Toot Hansell Christmas Cracker eAudiobook
Kim M. Watt / Patricia Gallimore

Rebellious Christmas wreaths. Mysterious welly-dwelling eggs. A plague of irate water fowl. And ten ..

Coming Up Roses thumbnail
Coming Up Roses eAudiobook
Kim M. Watt / Patricia Gallimore

There's a fine line between 'eccentric' and 'a danger to oneself and others'. That's certainly what ..

Beast-Laid Plans thumbnail
Beast-Laid Plans eAudiobook
Kim M. Watt / Patricia Gallimore

A dragon is missing. DI Adams' missing person is human not dragon but the trails of both lead to the..

Little Ghost thumbnail
Little Ghost eAudiobook
Chris McDonald / Robert G. Slade

Irving Ash is a private investigator down on his luck. His life's in the gutter and work has dried u..

The Body at Carnival Bridge thumbnail
The Body at Carnival Bridge eAudiobook
Michelle Salter / Polly Edsell

How deadly is the fight for equality? It's 1922 and after spending a year travelling through Europe ..

The Loophole thumbnail
The Loophole eAudiobook
Vera Morris / Antonia Beamish

On the hunt for two missing persons Laurel Bowman and Frank Diamond find they have another complex a..

Manor of Life and Death thumbnail
Manor of Life and Death eAudiobook
Kim M. Watt / Patricia Gallimore

Warring staff. 'Accidental' poisonings. Topiary of dubious intent. Throw in the full complement of t..

The Dungeon House thumbnail
The Dungeon House eAudiobook
Martin Edwards / Julia Franklin

Twenty years ago Malcolm Whiteley discovers his wife Lysette is having an affair. The Whiteleys are ..

Murder by Mistake thumbnail
Murder by Mistake eAudiobook
Lesley Cookman / Patience Tomlinson

When a homeless man from the old-fashioned seaside town of Nethergate appears to go missing - and th..

The Mysterious Mr. Badman thumbnail
The Mysterious Mr. Badman eAudiobook
W.F. Harvey / Mark Meadows

Taking a break from his holiday visiting his nephew Jim Athelstan Digby agrees to look after the old..

The Askham Accusation thumbnail
The Askham Accusation eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Julia Franklin

Set in the picturesque town of Askham near Ullswater the story opens with the funeral of Humphrey Cr..