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The Strawberry Field Girls at War thumbnail
The Strawberry Field Girls at War eAudiobook
Karen Dickson / Jess Nesling

Summer 1916. Despite the misery of war in the air some things in the small hamlet of Strawbridge rem..

Weaver Street at War thumbnail
Weaver Street at War eAudiobook
Chrissie Walsh / Katy Sobey

As World War II takes its toll on Liverpool only friendship and community can keep the women of Weav..

A Winter's Wish thumbnail
A Winter's Wish eAudiobook
Judy Summers / Annabelle Dowler

Liverpool 1847. At 17 Delilah Shaw is the eldest of the eight Shaw siblings and the one who must tak..

Kathy's Courage thumbnail
Kathy's Courage eAudiobook
Carol MacLean / Lesley Mackie

Glasgow 1943. After becoming pregnant out of wedlock only to find out her betrothed was already marr..

The Lost Girl from Far Away thumbnail
The Lost Girl from Far Away eAudiobook
Elizabeth Gill / Julia Barrie

Having recently arrived in England abandoned by her father and brother Isabella is left to look afte..

The Nurses of Eastby End thumbnail
The Nurses of Eastby End eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Peta Cornish

Missing home Rachel seizes the opportunity to train as a district nurse in a village near Rochdale e..

The Lost Girls of St Ann's thumbnail
The Lost Girls of St Ann's eAudiobook
Cath Staincliffe / Victoria Brazier

Manchester 1960. When you're young unmarried and pregnant in a shaming society that will never under..

The Little Penguin Bookshop thumbnail
The Little Penguin Bookshop eAudiobook
Joanna Toye / Rosalind Lailey

When World War II breaks out Carrie Anderson sets up a bookstall at her local train station in the h..

Magnolia Gardens thumbnail
Magnolia Gardens eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Barrie

At the end of Hawthorn Close there is a charming park which boasts two magnificent magnolia trees an..

The Girl thumbnail
The Girl eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Her name was Hannah Boyle but to the people of the village she would always be 'The Girl' - Matthew ..

The Winter Widow thumbnail
The Winter Widow eAudiobook
AnneMarie Brear / Dawn Murphy

York 1852. When Caroline Lawson becomes a young widow her grief is deepened by the loss of her farm...

A Daughter's Hope thumbnail
A Daughter's Hope eAudiobook
Lynne Francis / Victoria Brazier

The truth is Ella is hiding from a scandal. A scandal that drove her family out of their beloved Lan..

A Mother's Secret thumbnail
A Mother's Secret eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Leaving Liverpool behind Libby Gilbert embarks on a transformative journey to London with her newfou..

Nellie's Heartbreak thumbnail
Nellie's Heartbreak eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Emma Swan

As a small child Nellie Peace was always dreaming but sensed her mother’s rejection. Abandoned and..

The Bad Penny thumbnail
The Bad Penny eAudiobook
Lindsey Hutchinson / Annie Aldington

If you're born with nothing you have to make your own luck. When Jared Johnson first meets Clarice C..