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Six Motives for Murder thumbnail
Six Motives for Murder eAudiobook
Frances Brody / Penelope Freeman

Yorkshire 1969. Nell Lewis is four months into her new role as governor of HMP Brackerley when the p..

A Nest of Vipers thumbnail
A Nest of Vipers eAudiobook
Harini Nagendra / Radhika Aggarwal

January 1922 and the Bangalore Constabulary is on high alert. The Prince of Wales is scheduled to vi..

The Dead Hand thumbnail
The Dead Hand eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / David Thorpe

A house full of academics should imply calm and quiet but much to housekeeper Harriet Rowsley's dism..

Made for Murders thumbnail
Made for Murders eAudiobook
Peter Tremayne / Guy Mott

It is the early 1600s and the City of London sees Queen Elizabeth living out her dying days as Scott..

Murder in Regent's Park thumbnail
Murder in Regent's Park eAudiobook
Christina Koning / Duncan Galloway

1929. Blinded war veteran Frederick Rowlands has escaped the bustle of London to establish a secure ..

The Stranger in the Asylum thumbnail
The Stranger in the Asylum eAudiobook
Alys Clare / Lucy Scott

London April 1882. When cool-headed Phyllida visits the World's End Investigation Bureau to offer a ..

Old School Ties thumbnail
Old School Ties eAudiobook
Daisy Waugh / Penelope Rawlins

Close to Rome languishes the magnificent Villa Rospo a jewel in the Tode family portfolio and one th..

The Cargo From Neira thumbnail
The Cargo From Neira eAudiobook
Alys Clare / John Telfer

February 1605. A series of killings shake the quiet life of Devon's Tavy valley. Country doctor Gabr..

Death of a Lesser God thumbnail
Death of a Lesser God eAudiobook
Vaseem Khan / Maya Saroya

Bombay 1950. James Whitby sentenced to death for the murder of prominent lawyer and former Quit Indi..

Fear Stalks the Village thumbnail
Fear Stalks the Village eAudiobook
Ethel Lina White / Oona Beeson

A novelist ambles down the lanes of a cosy country village replete with Tudor houses and quaint cott..

The Housekeepers thumbnail
The Housekeepers eAudiobook
Alex Hay / Jasmine Blackborow

Upstairs Madam is planning the party of the season. Downstairs the servants are plotting the heist o..

Blotto Twinks and the Phantom Skiers thumbnail
Blotto Twinks and the Phantom Skiers eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Blotto and Twinks are off on another adventure - and this time they're bound for the Alpine village ..

The Sleeping Beauties thumbnail
The Sleeping Beauties eAudiobook
Lucy Ashe / Lucy Scott

May 1945 and at long last Rosamund Caradon is feeling optimistic. As she returns the last few evacue..

The White Lie thumbnail
The White Lie eAudiobook
J.G. Kelly / Nick Biadon

1912. Captain Scott and his four companions reach the South Pole to find their Norwegian rival Roald..

Murder at the Louvre thumbnail
Murder at the Louvre eAudiobook
Jim Eldridge / Peter Wickham

Paris 1899. Abigail Wilson has received an invitation from Professor Alphonse Flamand a prominent Fr..