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Empire thumbnail
Empire eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Tim McInnerny

Pericles returns home more than a hero: he's the leader of Athens the empire's beacon of light in th..

Warrior thumbnail
Warrior eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow; T.J. Andrews / Jonathan Keeble

The Romans invaded Britannia in AD 43 confident of victory. They swept through a divided and ill-equ..

The Sugar Merchant's Wife thumbnail
The Sugar Merchant's Wife eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Lucy Scott

In the face of changing fortunes the Strong family must unite to keep their wealth and status. . .or..

Secrets of the Past thumbnail
Secrets of the Past eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Lucy Scott

The Strong family has survived against all odds but their greatest test is still to come. After a se..

Daughter of Destiny thumbnail
Daughter of Destiny eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Lucy Scott

Barbados 1818. One fateful night a terrible tragedy occurs at the Strong family sugar plantation on ..

Alexander's Legacy: Babylon thumbnail
Alexander's Legacy: Babylon eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

Alexander the Great's sudden death has left his vast empire in chaos. War rages cities fall and the ..

Music in the Dark thumbnail
Music in the Dark eAudiobook
Sally Magnusson / Siobhan Redmond

Jamesina Ross is long finished with men. But one night a stranger seeking lodgings knocks on her doo..

Eagle of Mercia thumbnail
Eagle of Mercia eAudiobook
M.J. Porter / Seán Barrett

A mercy mission in the heart of Wessex is beset with deadly bloody dangers. Tamworth AD831 Icel's pr..

The Lost Daughters of Ukraine thumbnail
The Lost Daughters of Ukraine eAudiobook
Erin Litteken / Laurel Lefkow

A story of the strength of the human spirit the personal cost of conflict and how love can be found ..

Shameful Secrets on Coronation Close thumbnail
Shameful Secrets on Coronation Close eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Anne Dover

There are no secrets that time does not reveal. . .Bristol 1937 The year is 1937 and the country is ..

Godmersham Park thumbnail
Godmersham Park eAudiobook
Gill Hornby / Bessie Carter

January 1804. Anne Sharpe arrives at Godmersham Park in Kent to take up the position of governess. A..

Miss Austen thumbnail
Miss Austen eAudiobook
Gill Hornby / Juliet Stevenson

1840. Twenty three years after the death of her famous sister Jane Cassandra Austen returns to the v..

Bonny & Read thumbnail
Bonny & Read eAudiobook
Julie Walker / Peta Cornish

Caribbean 1720. Two extraordinary women are on the run - from their pasts from the British Navy and ..

Far Across the Ocean thumbnail
Far Across the Ocean eAudiobook
Suzie Hull / Catherine Harvey

December 1913. Clara Thorton won't allow being jilted at the altar to squash her spirit. Against the..

The Fading of the Light thumbnail
The Fading of the Light eAudiobook
Charlotte Betts / Emma Powell

Cornwall 1902. Edith Fairchild deserted by her feckless husband Benedict eight years before has esta..