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The Last Dance thumbnail
The Last Dance eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / David Threlfall

He's a detective a dancer he has no respect for authority - and he's the best hope Blackpool has for..

Blotto Twinks and the Conquistadors' Gold thumbnail
Blotto Twinks and the Conquistadors' Gold eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Blotto and Twinks are once again launched into another death-defying adventure this time in the civi..

The Scarlet Papers thumbnail
The Scarlet Papers eAudiobook
Matthew Richardson / Leighton Pugh Lucy Scott

VIENNA 1946. A brilliant German scientist snatched from the ruins of Nazi Europe. MOSCOW 1964. A US ..

Empire thumbnail
Empire eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Tim McInnerny

Pericles returns home more than a hero: he's the leader of Athens the empire's beacon of light in th..

The Lazarus Solution thumbnail
The Lazarus Solution eAudiobook
Kjell Ola Dahl / Mark Meadows

Summer 1943. Daniel Berkåk works as a courier for the Press and Military Office in Stockholm. On hi..

Warrior thumbnail
Warrior eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow; T.J. Andrews / Jonathan Keeble

The Romans invaded Britannia in AD 43 confident of victory. They swept through a divided and ill-equ..

Changing Times at Harpers thumbnail
Changing Times at Harpers eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Juliette Burton

London Spring 1920. Harpers is beginning to flourish once more after the end of the war but for Sall..

The Sugar Merchant's Wife thumbnail
The Sugar Merchant's Wife eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Lucy Scott

In the face of changing fortunes the Strong family must unite to keep their wealth and status. . .or..

Secrets of the Past thumbnail
Secrets of the Past eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Lucy Scott

The Strong family has survived against all odds but their greatest test is still to come. After a se..

Daughter of Destiny thumbnail
Daughter of Destiny eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Lucy Scott

Barbados 1818. One fateful night a terrible tragedy occurs at the Strong family sugar plantation on ..

Revenge thumbnail
Revenge eAudiobook
Kerry Kaya / Annie Aldington

Damage will be done… After the brutal gangland murder of her husband Terry Tracey Tempest just wan..

Identity thumbnail
Identity eAudiobook
Nora Roberts / January LaVoy

Former Army brat Morgan Albright has finally planted roots near Baltimore. Her friend and roommate N..

Golden Dreams thumbnail
Golden Dreams eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Catherine Harvey

Lancashire 1895. Lillian Hesketh has taken a new name and a brave step towards a happier life. Sudde..

The Fortune Tellers thumbnail
The Fortune Tellers eAudiobook
Maggie Mason / Anne Dover

Blackpool 1917. Martha is 17 and alone in the world. Of Irish descent her flashing green eyes see in..

Love Has No Borders thumbnail
Love Has No Borders eAudiobook
Gwen Kirkwood / Lesley Mackie

Fiercely independent Marguerite Sinclair has the opportunity of a lifetime to become a nurse and con..