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The New Girl thumbnail
The New Girl eAudiobook
Alison Stockham / Imogen Church

The letterbox clatters and sitting on the mat is a piece of paper in black and white with everything..

The Fortune Teller thumbnail
The Fortune Teller eAudiobook
Natasha Boydell / Harrie Dobby

'You might think you've met the man of your dreams. But if you marry him it will end in tragedy with..

Murder in the Library thumbnail
Murder in the Library eAudiobook
Anita Davison / Oona Beeson

A body in a hospital isn't so unusual. Unless they've been murdered! 1916 London: Keen to support th..

The Accident thumbnail
The Accident eAudiobook
LH Stacey / Anne Dover

Every time Kate Duggan looks in a mirror she is confronted by her guilt; a long red scar reminding h..

How Not To Murder Your Ex thumbnail
How Not To Murder Your Ex eAudiobook
Katie Marsh / Helen Keeley David Thorpe

It is 5:30 am on Clio's forty-fifth birthday and her hated ex is lying dead on her doorstep. Even wo..

Driven To Murder thumbnail
Driven To Murder eAudiobook
Debbie Young / Jaimi Barbakoff

Change is coming to Wendlebury Barrow - and not everyone is happy about it . . . When the local bus ..

The Missing Guest thumbnail
The Missing Guest eAudiobook
Diana Wilkinson / Mia McCallum Oscar da Silva

What happens when the safety of your home is no longer safe?_x000D_Every Friday night during Lockdow..

The Pilot's Girl thumbnail
The Pilot's Girl eAudiobook
Fenella J Miller / Emma Powell

As war rages Barbara Sinclair is desperate to escape her unhappy home life. And with the threat of G..

The House Guest thumbnail
The House Guest eAudiobook
L.H. Stacey / Karen Cass

A woman on the run. . . Madeleine Frost knows she has to get away from her partner Liam. His behavio..

The Safe House thumbnail
The Safe House eAudiobook
L.H. Stacey / Karen Cass

No place left to run. . . After the shocking events of last Christmas Jess Croft is determined this..

Keep Your Friends Close thumbnail
Keep Your Friends Close eAudiobook
Joanne Ryan / Helen Keeley

She knows your darkest secret . . . Can she keep it? It's a normal sunny day when Mia sees her ex-bo..

The Girl in Seat 2a thumbnail
The Girl in Seat 2a eAudiobook
Diana Wilkinson / Ginita Jimenez Emma Noakes

Funny how one lie can spiral . . .One thing about me: I HATE flying. It’s my worst nightmare. That..

Random in Death thumbnail
Random in Death eAudiobook
J.D. Robb / Susan Ericksen

Sixteen-year-old Jenna Harbough's parents have finally given in and now here she is at a New York cl..

The Screenwriter thumbnail
The Screenwriter eAudiobook
Amanda Reynolds / Hannah Churchill

Every screenwriter knows the best stories come from the truth. . . But the truth can be terrifying_..

Arsenic at Ascot thumbnail
Arsenic at Ascot eAudiobook
Kelly Oliver / Willow Nash

London 1918 Fiona Figg finds herself back in Old Blighty saddled with shuffling papers for the war o..