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Impostor Syndrome

Kathy Wang / Laurel Lefkow
In 2006 Julia Lerner is recruited by Russia's largest intelligence agency. By 2018 she's in Silicon Valley as COO of Tangerine one of America's most famous technology companies. She funnels intelligence back to the motherland but now Russia's asking for more and Julia's getting nervous. Alice Lu is a first generation Chinese American whose parents are delighted she's working at Tangerine. One afternoon while performing a server check Alice discovers some unusual activity and now she's burdened with two suspicions: Tangerine's privacy settings aren't as rigorous as the company claims they are and the person abusing this loophole might be Julia Lerner herself. The closer Alice gets to Julia the more Julia questions her own loyalties. Russia may have placed her in the Valley but she's the one who built her career; isn't she entitled to protect the lifestyle she's earned?

  • Published by Isis Publishing Ltd
  • Fiction/Non-FictionFiction
  • Target Audience Adult
  • Released 1st June 2022
  • Duration 11 Hrs. 54 Mins.